Welcome to the Gospel Meditations Blog

Tonight the Gospel Meditations Blog is launched. I hope to reflect on the four gospels and interact predominantly with the words of Jesus in attempt to hear his voice. It is my own personal pilgrimage to have his words change my heart and I invite you to follow me in this journey. These will not be long meditations nor will they be in-depth, exegetical bible studies. These will be more devotional in nature, often expounding a simple truth found within a paragraph or section of a gospel,. There are plenty of good devotionals and I know the kingdom doesn’t need another one. But this one will hopefully be different as I grapple with certain challenges in loving God and following Jesus. The form and appearance of this blog will likely change, and I trust the content will as well, for the better!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Gospel Meditations Blog

  1. Looking forward to reading your reflections Dan!


    1. Dan Fabricatore, Ph.D. July 19, 2018 — 12:48 pm

      Well you are my first follower! I wonder if we should have some guest bloggers!!


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